The Relationship between the Mental Health and the Emotional and Social Intelligence among Talented Students in Ajlun Schools


This study aimed to unveil the relationship between the mental health and the emotional social intelligence among the talented students from schools at Ajloun city. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the mental health test, which was prepared depending on Maslow theory in addition to the emotional intelligence test, depending on Bar-on theory of emotional intelligence. To ensure the validity and reliability of the study, the sample consisted of 100 talented students who were randomly selected from talented schools. The researcher came up with the findings using up the arithmetic averages, standard deviations, the multi variance analysis and correlation coefficient. The study showed that the talented students have high degrees at the mental health scale, the social intelligence and its dimensions, the emotional intelligence and its dimensions, the results also assured that there was a positive correlation between the degrees at the mental health scale, the social intelligence and its dimensions, and the emotional intelligence and its dimensions. These results were discussed in the light of the theoretical framework and previous studies, the study also concluded some recommendations.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, Social Intelligence, talented students

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