An Exploration of Experts’ Reactions on Effectiveness of Multimedia for Prospective Teachers


As the Technological advancement and digitalization, the scenario of the education is now completely change. The new field emerges in education sector like flipped classroom, smart classroom, it provides new platform to education at every level and transform the classroom teaching learning process. Yet, they are incomplete without the knowledge of multimedia as it is based on multimedia. So, prospective teachers should have knowledge of multimedia. Multimedia is used in delivering lecture not only used in classroom, but also on-line lectures through video conferencing, distance learning and blended learning. But in India, today our prospective teacher’s education system is largely conventional and not supported by new technology as multimedia. Education system transformation in the hand of future teachers, so they should be taught through same techniques, which they would be use in their teaching.  While moving on the same route, the investigator have developed a multimedia package for prospective teachers on unit-3 of course-1 of B.ED. two-year programmes (2016-18). In the present study, a reaction scale was developed to obtained the response of subject experts on five-point rating scale for various statements regarding validity of multimedia package. The reaction scale was given to experts individually from various educational institution of north India. The results of the investigation revealed that most of the experts favoured the effectiveness of multimedia package (MMP) for teaching prospective teachers. It is also determined that the inclusion of MMP in their classroom teaching is helpful in increasing their learning outcome as well as in improving their attention and developing scientific outlook as in case of present prospective teachers training programme.

Keywords: Experts, Multimedia Package, Prospective Teachers, Reaction Scale

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