Influence of School Location on Students Attitude towards Mathematics and Basic Science


The study investigated “influence of school location on student’s attitude towards mathematics and basic science”. It adopted survey design. One research question and one hypothesis was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. One hundred and sixty six (166) students formed the sample of this study, two (2) validated and reliable instruments namely Mathematics and Basic Science Achievement Test (MBSAT) and Students Location Test (SLT) were used to collect data for this study. Analysis of the data results showed that; there was no significant difference in the mean performance scores between urban and rural school students with positive attitude towards mathematics and basic science using the independent t-test analysis. Based on these findings, some suggestions and recommendations were made on the need for students to develop positive attitude towards the study of mathematics and basic science despites a student location. This is because attitude is a good predictor of academic performance particularly in mathematics and basic science.

Keywords: Basic Science, MBSAT, Mathematics, School Location, Students, attitude

Article Review Status: Published

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