Students’ Perception of the Use of Social Networking Web-Based Tools for Instructional Delivery among Undergraduate Students


This paper examined the use of social networking web-based tools for instructional delivery among undergraduate students. Consequently, two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The survey study consisted of 200 students drawn from the Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Calabar Centre. A well validated 10 item questionnaire on a four- point likert scale was the instrument used for data collection. Data collected was analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient analysis at .05 level of significance. The results show that the use of web-based tools (e-mail, face book) greatly improved the quality of educational interaction and delivery among undergraduate students of NOUN. The paper, therefore, advocates that undergraduate students should be sufficiently exposed to and flexibly utilized these web-based tools to improve the quality of their academic work.

Keywords: Email, Facebook, NOUN, Social Networking, Undergraduate Students

Article Review Status: Published

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