IBN–Khaldun’s Concept of Education: Pre-Conditions and Quality


The present study aimed to shed some light on the quality of education and its pre-conditions according to Ibn –Khaldun through connecting his philosophy to the contemporary studies on one hand, and to the present situation in today’s schools. To achieve these objectives, the qualitative approach was employed through using the content analysis method to analyze Ibn-Khaldun’s Muqaddimah so as to elicit the most relevant and recent educational trends in this renowned book. The researcher concluded with the idea that Ibn –Khaldun was able to found a clear pedagogical philosophy when he set major pre-conditions for learning which in turn leads to minor pre-conditions that work together to enhance learner’s endowment and talent that contribute to learning. Furthermore, the content –analysis of Al- Muqaddimah revealed that Ibn-Khaldun provided educational procedures and concepts that paved the way for the modern educational theories relevant to methods of teaching and educational psychology which in turn contributed to the recent improvement in today’s educational system.

Keywords: Concept of Education, Ibn –Khaldun’s, Quality, pre-conditions

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