Leadership Conflicts among Students on Nigerian University Campuses: The Experience of the University of Calabar, Calabar- Nigeria.


This study examined the factors that give rise to conflicts among students in their pursuit of leadership on the campus of the University of Calabar (UNICAL). Descriptive survey design was used and through stratified random sampling and simple random sampling techniques, a sample size of 250 was derived.  Two research questions were raised and a questionnaire tagged, Student Leadership Conflict Scale (SLCS) formed the data collection instrument.  Accruing data was analysed using frequencies and percentages. Results indicated (i) high level of conflict among students arising from their pursuit of leadership (ii) financial rewards and other benefits attached to leadership positions as the main motivators of the conflicts experienced.  To this end, it was recommended that allowances and other benefits of student leaders be reduced drastically to make it less lucrative and attractive to the greedy grabbing ones among the students.

Keywords: Conflict, Leadership, Student Associations, Student Unionism, Violence

Article Review Status: Published

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