The Effectiveness of Problem – Based learning Strategy in the Acquisition of Scientific Concepts in Physics and the Development of science operations among the Ninth Grade Female Students


The purpose of this study is to design the unit of the mechanics and its effect on substances among the ninth grade female students in Jordan depending on problem – based learning strategy. The study also aimed at identifying the problem – based learning strategy as well as highlighting the applied importance of physics in the students’ daily life in addition to specifying the effect of the problem – based learning strategy in the student’s acquisition of scientific concepts in physics and development of their science operation. The study produced a set of results and recommendations the most significant of which were that there is an effect of the problem based learning strategy in the ninth grade students’ acquisition of the scientific concepts in physics, and that there is an impact of the problem – based learning strategy in the development of science operations in physics among the ninth grade students. The researcher recommends to construct and design the units of the scientific subjects by means of modern learning strategies like the problem – based learning strategy to facilitate the learning process by male and female students

Keywords: Problem-Based Learning, science operations development, scientific concepts, the mechanics.

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