Empowering Of Students in Technical Colleges in Nigeria with Trade Skills for Self Reliance to Enhance Sustainable Development


The study x-rayed the empowering of technical college students in Nigeria with trade skills for self-reliance to enhance sustainable development. Three research questions guided the study and Ex-Post-Facto Design was utilized. The area of the study was Government Technical College, Abakaliki in Ebonyi State of Nigeria established in 1966 and with a population of 862 students.  Unstructured interview with the principal/records were the instruments for data collection and the obtained data were descriptively analyzed with the help of tables. The findings showed that efforts are made in the teaching of 21 trade skills in the college and that there are available qualified teachers that need updatement of the special skills they teach to be relevant. Obvious challenges were highlighted. Implications of the study were drawn and recommendations made like: the re-training of teachers, proper funding and up-datement/maintenance of facilities in the colleges among others.

Keywords: Empowering; Trade skills; Students; Sustainable Development; Self-Reliance

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