Identification of the Mathematics Concepts That Are Relevant in the Study of Chemistry at the Secondary School Level in Nigeria


This study focused on identification of mathematics concepts that are relevant in chemistry education at the secondary school level. The study is a descriptive research design and the area of the study was Abakaliki education zone of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The sample comprised of 73 teachers (38 mathematics teachers and 35 chemistry teachers). Questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The questionnaire was made up of two sections for mathematics and chemistry teachers. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. Based on the findings from the data analysis, recommendations were made and it includes; the chemistry teachers should be exposed to programmes that would enable them to acquire more knowledge on mathematical aspects of chemistry. Training programmes should be organized which will bring the chemistry and mathematics teachers together to share their views on certain concepts in mathematics among others.  

Keywords: Chemistry, Concepts, Identification, Mathematics, Relevant

Article Review Status: Published

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