Status of Technologies in Business Education Departments of Tertiary Institutions in Ebonyi State for Effective Integration of Electronic Learning


The study was conducted to assess status of technologies in business education departments of tertiary institutions in Ebonyi state for effective integration of electronic learning. Two purposes of study and corresponding research questions provided guide for the study. Two hypotheses were tested in the study. The population was 37 business education lecturers and 748 Business Education Students in three tertiary institutions that offer Business Education programmes. All the business education lecturers and 486 Business Education students were used. This gave a sample size of 523. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire titled “Integrating e-learning into Business Education Programs (IEBEP)”, which consists of 39 literature-based items meant to elicit information from the respondents. The reliability of the instrument was ensured by using Cronbach alpha reliability computation which yielded a co-efficient index of 0.98. A total of 523 copies of the instrument were administered to the respondents but 522 were correctly filled and returned. Mean, standard deviation and t-test statistical techniques were used to analyze the data that emerged from the study and the hypotheses tested at 0.05 alpha level. Results from the data analyzed showed that most computer equipment needed for integration of e-learning are available in business education departments, most computer networks are lacking in business education department. It was recommended, among others, that government and the school management should upgrade computer resources in Business Education departments

Keywords: Business Education, Electronic Learning, Integration, Status

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