An Assessment of the Practice and Its Determinant Factors of Active Learning Methodologies by Teachers of Teacher Education Colleges of Begemidir and Gondar: North and South Gondar Zones of Ethiopia


The study aimed to assess the practice and its determinant factors of active learning methodologies by teachers of Teacher Education Colleges of Begemidir and Gondar. Eighty two (82) teachers were participants of the study. The data was collected through questionnaire, interview and observation. Percentage, 1 sample T-test, Pearson correlation, Regression (multiple linear regression and stepwise regression) and qualitative analysis were used to analyze data. Results revealed apart from other empirical evidences reviewed there are two findings in this study. One is teachers are practicing active learning methods. The other is many of the challenges known to be preventing the practice of active learning methodologies were found to be as not challenges for the participants. The practice of active learning was attributed to statistically significant determinant factors. These were: the practice of assessment, positive attitude of teachers towards active learning methods, adequate pre-service and in-service training of teachers in active learning methodologies, availability of administrative and material support to teachers from the administrators.. Assessment and in-service training were predicting factors of the practice of active learning by teachers; while training was the most predictor variable. Nevertheless, though the teachers are practicing active learning methods they were facing two challenges, lack of full access of resources and full administrative support. Pertinent to the findings of the study conclusions and feasible recommendations were drawn.

Keywords: Determinant Factors to Practice active Learning by Teachers and Challenges of Teachers to Practice Active Learning., Practice of Active Learning in Ethiopia

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