This study sought to find out the perception of teachers on the applicability of the federal laws on education. 1,480 teachers were randomly selected from 3 geo-political zones in Nigeria. A 20 item questionnaire titled “Applicability of Federal Laws in Nigeria” (AFLEN) was designed by the researcher. This instrument was validated by experts in law as well as Test and Evaluation. The instrument was further subjected to a test of reliability using the test-retest method and the data were analysed using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The questionnaire were administered by the researcher as well as 158 research assistants. They were collected on the spot. The data collected were analysed using simple descriptive statistics. The findings of the study include federal laws are made concerning education but not properly implemented by the various agencies as perceived by teachers. Laws on Examination malpractice, National Teachers Institute, Teachers Registration, free and compulsory education are not properly handled as expected by teachers. Recommendations were therefore made to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the federal laws on education.


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