Segmented Lineage and Straight Line in Modern Perspectives.


The paper contains some field data from the Oraons and an attempt at the formalization of lineage relations. Starting with the title of the paper (“The Elementary Approach on Segmentation of Lineage and Directed Straight Line segment: An Analogical perception of review study in Anthropology,” the purpose of the study simply wants to draw an abstract parallel between lineage relations and mathematical relations. There are sporadic references to Western scholars, including Harary& White’s “parental graph” and W.H.R. Rivers’s “genealogical method.” The study derives from “physics” and applies them to the anthropology of kinship for reasons that “Physics is the study of matter, energy and motion. Since everything in our world relates to these three basic subjects, physics can help understand many working system in the universe. All comes down to energy and matter (Viegas p-11).


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