Seasonal Evolution of the Quality Microbiological of the Natural Waters in the Township of Abomey-Calavi (South Benin)


Water is indispensable at life. Resources in waters of the township of Abomey-Calavi are of a national importance. The township of Abomey-Calavi is very close to the biggest plan of water Beninese lagunaire: The Nokoué lake. Besides, not only the waters of the watertable are consumed by the majority of the population from the wells tradictionnels, but also, the underground waters of the terminal continnental of the township of Abomey-Calavi are exploited intensely by the Society Nationnale of the Waters of Benin (SONEB) to nourish in drinking water the townships of Abomey-Calavi, of Cotonou biggest city of the country and Sèmè. The microbiological parameter follow-up (total coliforms, coliforms thermotolerants and enterrococcis) to the level of pluisieurs well and boring and to pluisieurs points different some Nokoué lake was the object of a treatment of data by the establishment of card of fecal contamination of waters natural of the region, that informs us on the quality of waters by the slant of a microbiological quality indication that calculates itself according to the method of Bovesse and Depelchin (1980). The survey of the microbiological contamination indication, succeeds to the establishment of seasonal cards of quality of waters. The organic pollution represents a serious problem for the environment because of the dismissals poured in the rivers. The worn-out waters domesticated and non-purified represent the main source of organic pollution of waters. Followed it of analysis in the different points of observation made the object of a treatment of data by the establishment of a card of organic pollution of waters natural of the region, that informs us on the influence of the dismissals and the quality of waters by the slant of an organic pollution indication that himself calculation according to the method of Leclercq, Maquet (1987) whose principle is to distribute the values of the polluting elements in 05 classes, to determine from his own measures, the number class correspondent for every parameter to make the average of it. The interpretation of the card representing the different parameters of organic pollution of the natural waters gives some results on the contamination or no of these waters. The card shows that the different natural waters in the region of Abomey-Calavi pass a quality to another.

Keywords: Card of Pollution, Human Health, Microbiological Contamination, Organic Pollution Indication, Resources in Water

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