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The Deaf and Mute as Subalterns in Korean Contexts: Analysis of Korean Film of Silenced (Do-Ga-Ni) (Published)

This research is an investigation of a Korean film (Do-Ga-Ni or Silenced in 2011), which reflects the contemporary situation in South Korea where the sexual crimes against disabled children in educational institutions have occurred. In this research, the deaf students are positioned as subalterns who are recognized as the underrepresented that do not have the ability to speak for themselves. Through the methodology of illuminating individual cases of deaf students featured in this movie, this investigation approaches this interpretation: the testimony of the deaf children through their sign language in the courtroom, although this act of speaking for themselves suggests a possibility to change their identity from subalterns to non-subalterns, turns out to be ineffective due to the social elites’ rejection to admit their statement. This does result in a death of a subaltern, which makes the consciousness of the dead student disappear permanently from the understandings of the Korean public.

Keywords: Deaf, Death, Representation., Sign Language, Silenced (Do-Ga-Ni), Subaltern


This study investigated the cause of early demise of spouses in Ogun State, Nigeria. Two thousand respondents were selected using a purposive sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was on Cause Of Death Inventory .Demographic characteristics of the respondents were carried out on Age and that of the deceased at the time of death, sex ,occupation and the Cause Of Early Death Of respondents spouses was analyzed using Percentages to describe the data. The study found that the main cause of early death of spouses in Ogun State was sudden death/cardiac arrest 42.8%(858)followed by accident 644(32.2%)terminal illness 296 (14.8%), witchcraft84 (4.2%),genotype(SS)48(2.4%),suicide28(1.4%), carelessness32(1.6%) and hereditary12 (06%). The study thus recommended that people should be going for regular medical checkup even when they are not sick, consult their physician when they notice any strange things or feelings in their body, people should avoid anger, worry and take life generally easy, people should avoid violations of safety rules and avoid alcohol consumption when driving, people should not over work, rest when fatigue, people should be very close to their creator by praying fervently, people should know their genotype before getting married to avoid giving birth to(SS)children ,people should take seriously every suicidal threat or act, people should not be careless about their health and to engage in regular exercises.

Keywords: Cause of Early Death, Death, Spouse

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