The current review examines the correlation between Yang–Baxter structure and quantum information using secondary literature. Several recent papers were examined, like the study of the properties of geometric figures based on Temperley–Lieb (TL) algebra, Birman–Wenzl (BW) algebra and other subjects. Currently Yang-Baxter equation is useful in solving statistical prototypes, quantum integrable prototypes and many-body problems. A number of researchers in the past have explored the Yang–Baxter Equation and the braiding operators in relation to the field of quantum computation and quantum information. In the recent past, braiding operators and YBE are initiated with the fields of quantum computation processing and quantum information. Several researchers have indicated a widespread adaptation of the YBE. Sometimes, the unitary solutions related to the comprehensive YBE further facilitates braid group depictions which can then be used for quantum information processing. The paper concludes that generalized Yang–Baxter Equations provide robust technique for unravelling depictions of the braid set. Further, these depictions are useful in several fields; in specific, the resultant braiding quantum circuits are vigorously examined in quantum information science.

Keywords: Braiding Matrices, Quantum Information, Yang-Baxter Equations

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