The study sought to look at the role of marketing communication in the provision of micro finance services, using Bonzali Rural Bank, in the Northern Region of Ghana as a case study. Both the qualitative and quantitative research approaches were used to gather information from Bonzali Rural Bank. The researchers adopted the quota, purposive and simple random sampling methods to select the respondents. Questionnaires were respectively administered to customers of Bonzali Rural Bank. The data was analysed by means of descriptive and inferential statistics using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).Some of the key findings during the research were that the physical evidence of the Bank was not the best. Personal selling according to the research was not at its peak, an indication that the Bank has not done a lot in that regard. Based on the findings, the Bank is doing well with the Marketing Communication Mix Elements. The researchers recommended that the Bank should focused on the physical evidence, i.e., the environment it operates including the building itself, equipment, vehicles etc. as they all communicate with the customers and the customers’ make judgment of the services provided by the Bank through the physical evidence. Not only that, but the processes and the people who deliver the services

Keywords: Customers, Marketing Communication, Marketing Mix, Micro-Finance, services

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