This study is set out to ascertain the suitability of groundnut oil as a hydraulic fluid. Benchmark tests and experiment were carried out to ascertain the physio-chemical property of groundnut oil. The key steps will be to experiment the viscosity of groundnut oil at 40oC and 100oC respectively, specific gravity, viscosity index, acid value, Pour point, flash point, fire point, peroxide and iodine value using refined groundnut oil as sample. The result showed that the viscosity at 40oC and 100oC are 34.1mm2/s and 7.08mm2/s which exceeded the international standard organization (ISO) specification of (12-100) mm2/s and 5mm2/s for 40oC and 100oC respectively. The flash point (249.1oC), the fire point (255.2oC), acid value (0.3942mg (KOH)/g) all exceed the ISO specification. The result showed a good peroxide value and iodine value from oil sample. The low temperature flow property (pour point) is the only result that does not meet ISO specification with -3oC but can be handled by addition of cold flow property depressant (additive). However this work has demonstrated the feasibility of using groundnut oil as a hydraulic fluid.

Keywords: Fluid-Properties, Groundnut-Oil, Hydraulic-Fluid, Peroxide Value, Pour-Point

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